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Teknikron's Products

Beautifully crafted cosmetic veneers
Unrivaled Aesthetics Combined with excellent occlusal function

Your patients have high aspirations and are willing to pay matter how hard you promote your practice, your reputation can be badly affected by one vociferous complainant.


Why risk it? We have 30 years of experience in private dentistry and use a range of materials to produce stunningly believable cosmetic veneers in the material of your choice.


We work with you to listen and to advise when necessary.


We work with your patient  for patient visits to the lab, there are no consultancy fees, no charges for shade matching or final characterisation...your patient will be flattered with the attention we give, and you will be thanked for the beautiful results



30 years of experience in aesthetics and a solid understanding of occlusion.


Beautiful aesthetics are not stand alone requirements! We combine all of our artistic talents in producing beautiful restorations with the engineering skills needed to make them function and give them durabilty.


Occlusion is now recognised as an integral part of any restoration. We use our knowledge to make your restorations not only look good, but to also feel comfortable and to do the job they were made and function combined.


Superb metal/ceramic restorations

We offer a choice of three levels of porcelain bonded to metal restorations

1.  Delux Superior Restoration. There is no better,  stronger, or more beautiful PFM system available than Duceragold Kiss. The most attractive  of porcelains is bonded to a sumptuous yellow gold for truly outstanding results.


2. Higher Standard Private Restoration. We use a superior low fusing, low abrasion porcelain, which is beautifully layered and bonded to the metal of your choice...a fabulous mid range choice.


3. Regular Private Restoration. A very popular American porcelain Ceramco 3 is used for these quality restorations. We give our full attention to creating great aesthetics and functionality, bonded to the metal of your choice

Beautiful All-Ceramic Restorations. Skillfully constructed using a range of materials

We  offer a choice of all-ceramic restorations using various materials.

E.max We press and layer our E.max restorations (They are not milled from a single block) This  produces superior looking veneers, crowns, inlays and anterior bridgework.


Lava is the best known zirconia substructue for strong and beautiful restorations....beautifully veneered it is unsurpassable and as a solid highly translucent restoration it is almost indestructable.


Zirconia We can produce massively strong solid zirconia restorations for posterior crowns or layer this material to create beautiful anterior restorations.

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