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     We are one of the better recognised laboratories specialising in cosmetics in the South of England


Like all dental laboratories we supply dentists with the required crowns, bridges or veneers which they will then fit. We are fortunate to have an excellent customer base of highly regarded dental professionals who demand the very highest standards for their patients. Their reputation is important to them and the fact that they lay their trust with us speaks for itself.


    Please contact us and we can offer help in finding you an excellent and capable dentist in your area


We can help you find a dentist who is willing to go that extra mile and use the services we offer, so please feel free to contact us at:  or, telephone 01983 562161


            Remember you will be wearing your smile with confidence for years to come


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           Talk to the people who make them! 





We can offer assistance and advice with denture problems and if necessary refer you to a dentist who will work with us on putting your problems right…talk to the people who make them!  Please call, email or simply pop into the laboratory for a free consultation.



We can offer you a fully comprehensive denture repair service at a very reasonable price:


We can return any dentures received by post the same day, fully repaired and polished for just £50.00 inclusive of next day guaranteed postage. This can be cheaper and quicker than taking your dentures to your local dental practice.


Drop into our laboratory and we will repair your denture in just a couple of hours for just £45.00 or take advantage of our ‘While-U-Wait’ service for just £40.00      


Important Notes:

1.  Do not attempt to repair or glue a broken denture yourself, this can result in a costly visit to your dentist for new impressions and may even make your dentures impossible to successfully repair.

2. Regarding metal dentures: if you have broken a metal denture, it is advisable to contact us in advance so that we can ascertain, firstly, if the repair is possible and if so, to give you a quote.

3. If you are sending your dentures by post, please ensure that they are wrapped carefully and securely and are placed in a box, not a jiffy bag. Also, all items must be sent by recorded or next day guaranteed delivery and make sure to keep your post office receipt and to enclose your cheque or postal order made payable to Teknikron.

4. Please print and fill out our denture repair order form and address label, ensuring that your name, contact details and return address are clearly written in BLOCK CAPITALS.


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