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The laboratory specialising in high-end cosmetic dental restorations for private dentistry




A brief history…




Keith Jones




Keith returned from working in commercial dental laboratories in Sweden and Germany and realised his long held ambition of opening his own laboratory. The knowledge and expertise gained by working in those highly demanding laboratories had given Keith an edge on what was generally available in the UK at that time.


The name ‘Teknikron’ comes from Keith’s formative years working in Stockholm, Sweden and derives from the Swedish words for technique (teknik) and crown (krona)... Crown TechniqueTechnical Crowns...Teknikron


From the outset the concept for Teknikron was to push the boundaries of quality and innovation as far as possible and to move dental ceramics into a realm of excellence that was sadly lacking in the average dental laboratory of that era. Time has proven that Teknikron succeeded in these aspirations and became a viable and thriving laboratory in a very short time.


That is all history:

30 years later…Teknikron has continued to push the boundaries and has kept up with a fast changing world. Keith has continued to broaden his knowledge and skills, has attended and held innumerable courses and seminars, exhibited on behalf of some of the major dental companies and has a small quality team of equally inspired colleagues. Teknikron can safely claim that it is one of the most inspirational crown and bridge laboratories in the UK today.


Teknikron’s philosophy is to offer clients the highest standards of quality, professionalism and craftsmanship, to assist you in building your patient base and to convey trust in your ability to provide the best. If you would like to know more about how Teknikron can help build your reputation for excellence please feel free to call Keith on 01983 562161 or email us for further details on



The best advertisement your practice could wish for is a delighted patient

Thank You!

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