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The beauty of nature is  

       our inspiration

 Teknikron Ceramics

Teknikron Ceramics is one of Southern Englands leading restorative and cosmetic based dental laboratories. We work closely with the dentists who use our services to create beautiful smiles for their highly valued patients.



The beauty of nature is our inspiration:


We use this inspiration to design and create a smile that offers patients the very best of what occurs naturally. Our aim is to give a realistic, aesthically pleasing appearance with all the subtleties that beautiful, living, vital, natural teeth have to offer… a myriad of layering discreet colours and gentle translucencies. We blend this with finely sculpted surface textures to create curves and shapes that invoke what nature intended...a living growing work of art.

Of course, we can cosmetically enhance your teeth without losing this natural beauty. Creating that perfect look with beautiful white teeth still requires a huge degree of artistry. We shrewdly nurture very light colours together, blending them into a truly believable, dazzling smile.



     The best advertisement a dentist could wish for is a delighted patient

    Thank you!

   This lady had her confidence restored with the help of Teknikron

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Teknikron Beauty

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